Unexpected Delivery Guy

To get rid of the kids, my wife and I usually go on a weekend getaway at a local hotel once a month. We like to meet there by Friday after work and usually end up getting back home on Sunday after lunch. Once in our room, we do very little outing. We basically stay in the room for the whole weekend. Most of the time, we hang out in underwear and order delivery of different types of food. It is not necessary to say that we make love a lot during those days. When the delivery guy knocks on the door, one of us stays in bed under the sheets while the other puts something on and opens the door. One day, I left the door ajar on mistake after coming from the hallway for ice. So, the pizza guy didn't knock and got in, surprisingly. He apologized and everything but had time to give a good look at my wife who happened to be completely naked sitting astride on a chair smoking a cigarette facing the room door. When the guy was gone and we were making love, she told me being naked in front of that guy kind of turned her on. She asked me if I would mind if deliberately she would open the door for the next delivery guy wearing only undies and a bra. I thought to myself, "If it will turn her on, we will have better sex." So, I told her I wouldn't mind. So, the next day, we ordered Thai. She was prepared in barely thongs and no bra under her short, thin t-shirt that didn't even cover her belly button. When the guy knocked on our door, she stepped in her stilettos and rushed to open it. I was in the bathroom when I heard the voice of a twenty-something-year-old guy saying "Anna? Did you order Thai?" My wife didn't say anything at first but then replied, "Danny? I didn't know you delivered Thai," and nervously added, "What are you doing here?" "Well, this is my part-time job," answered the guy. Then I couldn't hear anything else for some five minutes. Finally, I heard the door shutting and right after my wife came in the bathroom saying, "Luke, you won't believe it! My workmate, Danny, was the delivery guy! I had managed to have my purse in the upper part of the closet, so I had to climb up there to find money to pay him. He not only got to notice my braless chest, but he also got to see my bare butt and my thongs. I feel so slutty! How am I going to face him on Monday?" I told her to calm down and not to worry since he would not think she was a slut but simply was in her room having sex with her husband. It was not such a turn on for her, so I think it was not worthy. The next Monday after work, she told me that, although they didn't talk about it, she could not help imagining him thinking of her naked during the whole day sitting beside him. When we were in bed during our night conversation, she said to me that Danny would probably be thinking of her at that moment. She was talking about Danny during the whole week. One night, she asked me if I thought Danny would masturbate thinking of her. I told her Danny was a young guy in his twenties and would not like the body of a thirty-nine- year-old standard woman. She took it as a challenge and, without saying me about it, she wore the same thongs the next day to work under a loose knee-high skirt. During lunchtime, she went to the bathroom and took off her bra so her chest could hang freely under her cotton t-shirt. She went into the coffee room when Danny was preparing his sandwich. She asked him where the sweetener was, and he told her on the upper cabinet. She stepped on a stool to reach up there. Danny got the same view he had gotten that day in the hotel and could not resist from sliding a hand under her skirt. She told me she only wanted to know if she was still attractive to a young man in his twenties, yet she couldn't help falling into his hands. They two were the only one in the office during lunchtime, so they had sex right there. I am impressed how a small challenge can change a woman.

— Bryan, 41