Thongs and Fishnets

I have been wearing women's underwear for a long time now. I love it, but, I hate thongs! I read all these other confessions about guys wearing thongs and loving it. How can you? They don't hide your manhood, and they ride up in your butt! Now, a sexy chick in a little thong on the beach, that's something else! I love that! Bikinis are more my style. I love sexy, tight nylons and how they feel on my legs. Sometimes, when it's too hot in my house, I've gone to fishnets which keep me cooler. I have just received my online order for a pair of fence net, or diamond net, thigh-high hose. I love them! The net pattern is bigger than fishnets. Try some. I think you'll like them. I have them on right now along with a sexy, deep plunge, pink bra and matching pink bikini panties. I'm nice and cool and loving it!

— Arnie, 64