I'm Glad I Could Stop

For being married and young, my thirty-one-year-old sister-in-law is a very lonely woman. Her husband is usually out of town since he travels on business three weeks a month. Nowadays, she is one month pregnant and the mother of two, a two-year-old boy and her Labrador retriever. Last week, I had to visit their town on business. She told me I couldn't waste my money in a hotel and insisted that I stay at her place. I, in reply, told her she had to accept my invitation to dine out at a nice restaurant. As usual, my brother-in-law was not in town, so only the two of us went out for dinner. The food was excellent. We had a couple of glasses of wine and had lots of fun. Once back at home, she showed me my bed in their guest room, kissed me good night, and went to their room. Something like fifteen minutes later while going to the kitchen for water, I heard a noise. It was my sister-in-law in the kitchen. She told me she was looking for heating pads since her back was hurting after so much tennis that week. She got them and then asked me to help her out since she was not able to do it by herself. Once in her bedroom, she sat on her bed and pulled her nightgown out. We have been always very close, but she was kind of crossing the line. I pretended to not be tempted by her being in only undies and bra, and I wrapped the pads around her. I was going to say good night when she asked me to please rub some magic cream on her thighs that were hurting, too. I knew she was looking for more than pain relief, but still agreed. Why not some pampering for my very dear sister-in-law? I grabbed the cream and poured some all over her legs. Then I began rubbing her feet. She closed her eyes and told me her feet were not hurting but her thighs were. Then she opened her legs as an invitation to go up there. It was unquestionable that she was asking for something more than pain relief. I sort of wanted to help her out, so I moved my hands to where she wanted and started to massage her thighs. She became aroused and began to bite her lips. Her desires were obvious, but I wanted one more proof. So, I moved my hand to her groin and began a soft massage by the edge of her panties. She didn't stop licking her lips. Then she cupped her breasts with her hands. I got scared, quit, and let myself out. I didn't talk to her about it anymore.

— Bart, 41