Teased and Denied

My wife has been with several lovers over the past six years. I have watched a few times, but she prefers to be alone with a man. Over the past year, she has been reading stories online that have to do with teasing men to the verge of orgasm then denying them of having one. It sounded exciting to me, too, so we decided to try it. She, however, could have sex with other men or masturbate anytime she wanted. We started off with a two week period. She would tell me about her dates and how great the sex was while she touched me and got me close over and over. She was true to her word and never allowed me orgasm for two weeks. It was amazingly frustrating and incredibly erotic. We both enjoyed the first session and increased the time I would go without. She has increased the time by a few more days. We are now up to six weeks at a time. She will even have sex with me until she orgasms and then simply tells me goodnight. Knowing I am frustrated and aching for an orgasm turns her on to no end. Her latest fantasies, however, are becoming even more extreme. Now she tells me that when she masturbates, she fantasizes about cutting me off from sex completely but freely giving it to other men. I don't know if I could handle that, but she has a way of making it sound very erotic.

— Rex, 45