Hoping For A Repeat

My mother-in-law lives in California, and I travel there on business occasionally. Two years ago when I was out there, she was all down in the dumps about not having a date for some big social event. She was sixty-three at the time and asked me if I would take her, which I agreed to. Then she asked that I not let anyone know I was her son-in-law. I understood that would be a negative, so I went along with it. I thought it would be a good time for her to make some of her friends jealous. Well, when I showed up to pick her up, for a woman her age she looked like a million bucks. She was in a great cocktail dress with a good view and just was not what I was expecting. A few drinks into the evening, we were acting like a couple that night and even did some kissing to make things look good. Well, needless to say, one thing led to another. We got a room at the hotel where the party was and had the hottest sex I have ever had. It was the most fantastic event in my life. It has never happened again, but I am hoping for it to repeat.

— Cliff, 35