Cross Dressing Many Years

I have been wearing women's underwear for about fifty years now. I grew up with my mother and her sisters. She let me watch her get dressed from being nude to fully dressed. I had excess breast fat, so I thought I should wear a bra, too. I put one of hers on and I was hooked. As I grew up, I found out the size bra I needed and got my own sexy ones and falsies. I couldn't stop. Even in the military, I went to the BX and bought a strapless bra. After I got married, I wore my wife's things. She was a thirty-six, but I could get into her bras and panties. I wanted to tell her that I enjoyed putting on women's underwear, but I couldn't. After many good married years and two children, she caught me and we got divorced. I've lived alone now for twenty years. I order all of my sexy underwear from catalogs or online. You can get everything you need to cross-dress online; falsies, breast forms, sexy nylons, baby dolls, bras, panties, etc. but, you have to know your correct size. If you need a plus size, as I do for nylons, do an online search and order what you need! I'm an "in house" cross dresser, and I'll stay that way. I'm wearing a sexy blue demi bra, matching blue panties, and thigh-high stay-up fishnet nylons as I type this, and I love it! Enjoy!

— Frank, 64