A Quick Switch

My mother-in-law is seventy-five. I've had a thing for her ever since I met her over thirty years ago. In the last several years, I have been taking her dirty panties from her hamper every time we visit. I feel like a kid in a candy store because she always has several pair in there. I will sniff all of them and pick the one that is scented the most. I would take it home and smell it often. When the scent is gone, I would wear them. Sometimes, when I know she's coming to visit, I would wear them and have them show from my pants. I know she must have seen them, but I don't know if she realizes that they are hers. She never says anything and always acts nice around me. It's been getting harder for me as I really want to get in her panties and let her know what I've been doing with hers, but I know I can't. She came over to go in our pool recently. She got changed and left her clothes on our kitchen chair. Big mistake. When she was in the pool with everyone except me, I went over and I found her panties laying inside her pants. I took them out and started to sniff them. To my surprise, it was the same pair I had taken from her before. I switched the clean ones I had from before for her dirty ones. I put them back in her pants the way she had the other ones. I figured she would not know. I put the dirty ones back in my drawer for later. I did not realize until it was too late that the panties I gave her secretly, besides being clean, had the tag hanging loose where the pair I took was newer and the tag was intact. She came in, got dressed, but never gave me a clue if she knew she was wearing different panties or not. Even the next day when she called, nothing was said. I wonder if she noticed when she took them over to wash them.

— Clinton, 51