I Remember It Vividly

Every year, my family goes camping in the woods. One summer when I was twenty, this hot girl and her boyfriend drove up in a big RV. I got so excited just looking at her. I had to talk to her. So, I knocked on the RV door and asked if they had any coal to start a fire with. She caught me checking her out. She smiled and gave me what I asked for. The next day, she knocked on our RV door and asked me if I could help her lift something outside. I followed her into her RV and noticed that her boyfriend wasn't there. She immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. So, we had sex. After the deed was done, I returned to my RV for lunch. And to think, I never even knew her name. Yet this was the best sexual experience of my life. I still remember it vividly.

— Conrad, 34