Freshly Painted Nails

Sick of not having time for intimacy, my wife and I decided to get a sitter for our children and spend the night at a hotel. It was so nice having the whole night just for the two of us. We are doing it on a monthly basis. Last time when I came back with a bucket from the hallway ice maker, my wife was covering her bust with her left arm while signing the slip to the room service guy who was just delighted with the almost naked body of my wife wearing panties only. I had nothing else to say but quickly thanked the guy good bye. My wife told me he surprised her like that since I had left the door ajar when going out for ice. She told me it was kind of a turn on for her, though. We were talking about it later, and I admitted that it was also a turn on for me when I saw her almost naked so close to a stranger. We had good sex while having such a conversation. Next time, we will do it on purpose. We will order pizza. I will leave the door ajar. She will be wrapped in a towel with her freshly painted nails. While the pizza guy is into the room with her like that, I will call the room from my cell phone. She will ask the guy to answer since she would not like to mess with her nails. The guy would put the phone to her ear, and she would tell him it is an emergency and she has to get dressed right away for a meeting at the lobby. She would drop the towel down and, being naked in front of the guy, she would ask him to help her out because she would not like to mess with her nails. I would stay out for a while and would enter our room to find the guy dressing my wife up.

— Leroy, 41