Playing Games With A Friend

It happens that when my wife and I make new friends, and the man of the couple starts to talk to me in private about the type of woman he likes. The description is so the one of my wife that I end up imagining the guy doing my wife. She is thirty-nine years old, pale white, freckled, auburn head, busty, tall, and a rather outgoing girl. I have never commented with her about it, but I couldn't resist. I did it, and she decided to find out. The next time the Smiths came over, she surprised them by wearing a loose top so that her fully freckled shoulders and breast cleavage were exposed all the time. I had told my wife that Brad had confessed to me that he really liked a woman's freckled bosom. I did not notice anything special, but that night my wife told me that Brad had asked her in private if her freckles were natural or fake. It was clear he liked her. I said to my wife that I would avoid inviting them over, but it was not easy being that Brad was a new partner of our medical group. The next time, the Smiths invited us over. This opportunity was for an outdoor BBQ by the swimming pool. While talking to a client, I looked towards the pool to realize Brad was pouring some sunscreen on my wife's shoulders. I wanted to go and join them but was not able enough to get rid of the person I was talking to and did not get there before he continued with the sun screen on her legs. By the time I could arrive in the pool, he had his hand just by her bikini edge. My wife suddenly woke up and invited me to take a dive. Later that night, I noticed her oiled pubis hair. She admitted she started teasing Brad by letting him put some oil on her shoulders, but quickly she was trapped by his caresses and could not stop him. She told me she was happy I got there since she didn't know how that would end up. What turns my wife on turns me on as well. So, we decided to continue with such a risky game. Next time, when Brad was taking a shower after an evening of swimming and drinks, I told my wife to sneak into the shower with him as if she didn't know he was there. He could not do anything dangerous in a by-the-side of the pool shower. My wife took her bathing suit off and, after going into the shower, she came out naked crying out loud, "I didn't know you were there, Brad!" Everyone saw her naked. She grabbed a towel and came to us laughing about what had just happened. After her, Brad did the same and could not avoid a commentary about her "gorgeous freckled bust". Everybody had fun and did not give any importance to it. My wife happened to like playing tennis. So, the next week she told me she pulled her thigh muscle. After a couple of weeks of inactivity, she was still injured. So, she decided to make an appointment with Brad. He is the physical therapist of our group. His office is next to mine. So, when my wife came over for her appointment, I was giving attention to a patient. When I was done, I noticed she was still in there for a little over an hour. I did not want to interrupt, so I left for home. That night, she got home very happy. When I asked her how it was with Brad as a therapist, she told me he was just great. She said he got rid of her pain during the first ten minutes of the appointment, and then he gave her a thorough thigh massage to prevent possible future injuries. She told me he had been very professional and never reached the edge of her undies as he did that day when putting sunscreen on her legs by the pool. She admitted she wore thongs since she was expecting Brad to take advantage of her, so she got a little bit shy. I then asked why she was with him for such a long time. She said she was having so much pleasure she asked him not to stop massaging her thighs. I got so excited with her story that we began to fondle each other. She confessed she have had multiple orgasms while Brad was working on her. She told me I had to be very proud of my partner since even though she had shown him her desire to be taken advantage of for more than an hour continuously, he dedicated to please her only by means of his professional physical therapy treatment. Nowadays, she attends Brad's office on a monthly basis. Since then, she has been very healthy and very active on the courts as well as in bed.

— Craig, 41