Pool Table

Ok, so my step-dad's friend came into town and he brought along his two kids. He has a son who is nineteen named Lucas, and a daughter who is seventeen named Liz. I've never really gotten to know them, so it's not like we're really family. Anyway, Lucas and Liz wanted to party and I was like, "Sure," because I'm frequent on the party scene! So, we got really messed up and Lucas passed out. Liz and I ditched Lucas and went into the pool room to go play pool. When I was about to shoot, Liz came up behind me. She said she wanted me from the first time she saw me! I then turned around and we started having the best sex I've ever had. Just the thought of being caught made it really intense and exciting! We had sex until the day they left to go home. On the last night, we talked about not ever telling anyone, and how this will be our little secret.

— Seth, 22