Frightened And Embarrassed

One day, when I was five or six, my mother went shopping for underwear for herself, and I found myself wandering around in a lingerie store. I found a pair of pink panties and asked if I could get them. She said they were for little girls, but I told her I still wanted them. When we got home, I wore them for several days after, showing them off to anyone who came to the house. Years later, I had a somewhat similar experience with my wife. I was upstairs wearing only a pair of panties, and she was downstairs talking to a couple we knew. She came up and asked me to come down and talk to Bob and Mary. I said that I didn't feel like getting dressed. When she suggested I come as I was, I thought she was nuts, but she said that she'd already told her friends that I wear panties around the house and they must have told their husbands and friends, so everybody knew already. You'll feel frightened and embarrassed at first, but that'll pass. So, now I wear panties around the house, and my wife helps by also wearing a bra and panties, and everybody has seen us.

— Micah, 45