Happy For The Outlet

I started wearing nylons when I was maybe about ten years old. I had taken a pair of my mother's stockings and tried them on, and they felt so nice. As I grew up, I eventually started "acquiring" pairs of my mother's pantyhose and then got the nerve to buy pairs for myself, using the "they're for my mom" excuse. I love wearing panties with my nylons and sometimes high heels. That's as far as I've gotten. I haven't worn skirts and I haven't felt to do so. I am a straight guy and love women. I just love legs and especially legs in stockings or pantyhose. But, I say that my fetish did not come without an unfortunate price. My marriage failed, and I lost a lot of possessions in a divorce. I saw a therapist to see about this fetish of mine and maybe ridding myself of it. But that was three years ago, and I've found myself back into wearing nylons and heels again. I wear panties more than men's' underwear. I just love the feel of lace or silk panties. Anyway, I'm just glad to hear from other guys that have found themselves loving to wear something society has chosen for women to wear but couldn't find the outlet to voice how they felt about why they wore pantyhose, heels, and/or panties.

— Bradley, 40