It's Only Clothing!

I have been in the closet for over thirty years, and I hate that society is so closed-minded and cruel about men who love to wear feminine attire! It hurts no one! I will say I feel so good and always in a superior mood when I dress. I, like many men who dress, buy their outfits online. I wear only real, 100% nylon stockings as those of vintage times with a very nice garter belt. I do wear heels most of the time and very nice skirts or dresses along with a very sexy bra and panties. I buy much of my lingerie online because of the quality and material. I enjoy when a woman finds it cool or sexy and enjoys hanging out with me when I am dressed. I love it when I get fashion advice and a woman will want to preen me and do my makeup. Even though I wear breast forms, I wish they were real! I know this may sound all very weird, but be aware that there is as many as nine percent of men who dress and are in many walks of life of which most are professional! I have a doctor friend who wears pantyhose and panties while at work. Why is it so repulsive to people? It's only clothing! I am heterosexual, and about ninety percent of males who cross-dress are! Most are married. I am divorced after twenty-three years, and the divorce had nothing to do with my cross-dressing. I admit, it is a great turn-on to be dressed and imagine being a female. It is even more exciting when I meet a woman who loves it as well! I met a very attractive model once at a fashion party I was invited to in Chicago. When I was introduced to this femme fatale, she shook my hand and gave a small hug at which time she immediately felt my bra band. She said nothing, but later while getting a refreshment, she was there and asked what brand bra I was wearing. I was a bit taken back but did tell her the brand. She made a purring-type sound and said she would love to have me model it for her sometime. Oh, my word! I was so blown away by this and excited physically that I left! I wish there was way more of that instead of jeers and humiliating remarks from supposedly educated people! Thanks, and support the causes for cross-dressers and trans-gendered! You never know. It may be a family member of yours, too!

— Benjamin, 54