Looking For The Courage

Ever since I was about nine, I've always loved the feel of satin, lace, nylon, and even cotton against my bum and love wand. I have never gotten any real enjoyment from guys' underwear at all. When I was nine, I used to sneak into my sister's room and borrow her underwear and other items. One time, I was messing around in my room wearing one of her swim suits when she and my brother caught me. I was very excited as they both noted! I never realized it at the time, but I now know that it was then I had developed a real thing for girls' undies and swimwear! Ever since then, I have taken every chance I get to either wear, steal, or even buy my own. In a previous relationship, I even had the balls to wear my girlfriend's in front of her when confronted as to why some of hers were missing. It was the best sex I ever had following that. She would buy me my own so we could wear them together. I only wish I had the courage to tell my now fiancé that I am sitting here writing this in one of her thongs and a slip!

— Manny, 25