My Wife Fantasizing

During this summer, especially on Saturdays, my wife has been spending lots of time in our garden doing all sorts of yard work. Our neighbor, Steve, has been very diligent and usually comes over to help her out with some of the heavy work. I have noticed that my wife has been wearing rather sexy clothing while being out there with Steve. Most of the time it's a short and loose cotton skirt and flannel t-shirt. After half an hour under the sun at over ninety degrees, she gets all sweated and her charms show off. When she came inside for a cool drink, I realized she was wearing thongs and no bra at all. I knew all was about teasing Steve. That night without telling me anything, she managed to keep our bedroom blinds open while we made love so Steve could have a good view of us from his house. It was such a great experience doing my wife knowing she was thinking she was fantasizing with Steve.

— Jeremy, 41