Love The Feeling

I like to shave my pubic area, my legs, armpits, and chest hair. I love how smooth my skin feels after a good shave. But, what really feels good against my smooth skin is the sexy panties and stockings that I like to wear. The material in them just feels so good against the skin and looks good too. Probably the best are the "boy shorts". They hold in your package, but at the same time they show off your ass well because half of it is exposed. I sometimes wear these and stockings under my jeans when I'm out running errands. I look at other women and wonder if I am wearing sexier undies than they are. Sometimes, I will wear them under my clothes and start making out with my wife. She loves the surprise when she reaches into my jeans to find I am wearing a pair of silky panties on my smooth, hairless skin. Now she can't wait to get my clothes off to find that I am also wearing stockings and a bra. Her hands and mouth feel so good on me, and it doesn't take long before we are making hot, passionate love. She loves the feeling just as much as I do.

— Lex, 45