Riper Fruit

I am 19 and I just started to work at this new job. In my training class, I met this 32 year old woman who is fairly attractive. At first, it started out as just smiles, and then it lead to saying hello. Eventually, we ended up sending each other dirty emails. I have to admit, being my age, this totally turned me on. So, I started joking with her and asking her when she was going to take me home. Then, one night, it happened. She just said, "Right now." I sort of just sat there with my mouth open and said, "Are you for real?" She just bit her lip and nodded her head, and then grabbed me by the hand and we went to her place. Sex with her was amazing and I can honestly say that I would take an older women over a younger one any day. The riper the fruit, the better!

— Matt, 19