Wife Flashing

My wife has a good body and I love her showing it off. Taxis are great. She wears short summer dresses and no undies. Firstly, she will open the passenger door, lean in, and speak to the driver. He will always get a good look as her top hangs down revealing her breasts to him. She will then get in first. But because I am with her, she has to slide over the back seat. She stretches her leg over the other side of the car and then slides over with her legs open and privates exposed. If she's lucky, her skirt will slide up on the way over. When we get to our destination, she will pay, again sliding to the middle then sliding forward to raise her skirt and to talk to the driver. She will then lean over to pick her bag off the floor. This really exposes her. Then she fumbles with her bag trying to find the fare. After she gets out, she leans in once more to say thanks!

— Eric, 38