The Best In-Laws Ever

I have been using my mother-in-law's panties for thirty years. I have no idea how many I have "borrowed" in that time. I know I have used them countless times, though. Although I would rather be having real sex with her, I will have to settle for this. I have also been into her bras, slips, pantyhose and swimsuits. I have six sisters-in-law, too. I have borrowed and/or used each one's panties/bras at least once. Some I use all the time. I have had swimming suit and bra sessions many, many times. I have had the great opportunity to see most of their chests in various bend-overs. All of this and they are great looking, too. Anyway, I do have the best in-laws for getting my rocks off with, as you can tell. I have my cake but would like to eat it, too!

— Glenn, 53