Wife Seeks Legal Satisfaction

It's been a long time since we've had sex. My wife is most of the time mad at me because my business is not going well, and she is paying most of our bills. I found her pleasing herself and wanted to join, but she told me to leave her alone. My business continued to do badly and her job so well that she began to feel attracted to her successful boss. My wife is a very conservative woman, so she wouldn't engage in an affair. She began to develop a closer relationship with her boss. When she learned he was a part-time masseur, without delay she set an appointment with him to work on her at home. The guy set the massage table in the basement and came upstairs. My wife told me to accompany her to the basement while her boss waited upstairs. She took all of her clothing off, laid down on the table, and asked me to cover her behind with a drape. She told me to call her boss and to stay with them if I wanted. She was obviously looking for legal sexual satisfaction more than a massage. The guy came down and soon began working his oiled hands on her back and legs. When he got his hands on her thighs, she was so aroused that she slightly opened her legs. I didn't feel like I wanted to continue there and went back upstairs.

— Stanley, 41