The Boss' Reaction

Since Missy got this job a year ago, she's been talking about how nice her boss is with her and about his great professional skills. When her sister came to visit for a week, they spent a lot of time just talking until very late at night. One of those nights, I woke up and Missy was not in bed. I supposed they were in the kitchen, so I went there to join the conversation. Missy was talking about how cute her boss was. I pretended not to have listened to anything. Missy changed the topic, and we talked for half an hour more before going to bed. It was around 2:00 in the morning, and Missy began touching me in a clear signal that she wanted sex. I was kind of sleepy, but her caresses are irresistible. Afterwards, I usually fall asleep for some minutes to be awakened by the warmth of a wet wash towel that Missy uses to wipe me. While doing so, she mentioned that the day after I would have to take care of her sister since she had to go on a business trip with her boss and would spend the night at a hotel. This was a part of her duties. What amazed me was that she was thinking of her boss while cleaning my body after sex. I trust my wife, so I didn't really care that she was obviously having a sexual fantasy about her boss. In addition, it was a good thing because when she fantasized about her boss, she wanted sex with me. The day after, I talked to her sister about it. She told me Missy really liked the guy but she would never go beyond a simple fantasy. So, I decided to spice things up. I asked my sister-in-law to encourage my wife to dress a little bit sexier for work and to slightly flirt with her boss. She loved the idea and promised to talk to her about it. That weekend, the sisters went shopping and got tons of sexy clothing. Missy was dressing so hot to work. I so knew what she had in mind that I sometimes could not help being a little jealous. Time passed by and after a couple of months, she quit wearing sexy clothing to work. I was kind of anxious to know why, so I gave her sister a call. She told me what Missy told her, and I say to you as follows; One day, Missy went to work in a thin, loose, and rather short, white, cotton skirt so that her boss could notice her thong-style undies through it. She was fantasizing all the morning long about being with her boss. By lunch time when he was having his sandwich, she entered in his office. She asked him about a report she was preparing for him while deliberately rubbing his arm with her leg. She did it just to become aroused herself without knowing her boss could react, and react he did. Right after her thigh rubbed his arm, he started to touch her private places. She was so excited and so surprised that she couldn't help but to respond to him. He continued, and she gave him oral in return. When she took control of herself again, she began to weep inconsolably for a long time. He took her to a bar, had a couple of drinks with her, and told her to go home and come back the day after. According to the description of her skirt, I remember Missy got home a little late that night and told me she had been celebrating with her coworkers as they had finished a big project.

— Joshua, 41