Pillow Fight to Pillow Talk

Okay, I know this sounds wrong, but I am eighteen. I have a girlfriend that's the same age as me and who is very attractive. We often hang out at her house or at the movies with friends. One night, her parents were out to a movie and dinner. It was me, her, and two other friends playing a board game. It was a lot of fun because we were all pretty close to winning. Eventually, our friends had to leave because it was getting late. So, my girlfriend and I kept playing. I spun a four and landed on "revenge". I had only one choice and that was to sue her for 200,000 dollars. She threw a pillow at me for suing her, and that started a small pillow fight that I will always remember. The pillow fight faded and turned mostly into wrestling. We both were laughing a lot throughout the process. At this point, she was winning. She was sitting on me with her legs out to either side of me pinning me down. All of the sudden, right out of the blue, she stopped laughing. She paused and then began kissing my neck. The thought hit me like a lightning bolt. I caught on, and we began kissing passionately. I knew this was wrong and that this could screw me up big time. But, we continued the process. Right there we had the best sex I will probably ever have. We stopped just as her parents walked in the door. I was so scared and afraid that they would find out. But, we got away with it. I was so excited that afterwards, when I went home, I literally felt that I could have run a marathon on the adrenaline rush alone. I was so excited, yet I worried that I might find out she was pregnant. Later on, I found out she was on the pill. I was relieved. I would do anything to relive that moment.

— Lee, 18