I Watched My Wife

When we do it from behind, my wife always asks me to go faster, and I always end up taking it off. If I had a larger one maybe this would not happen. But how can we prove it? I know she thinks her boss is cute. I know she fantasizes about him. I also know her boss has a large one since we work out at the same gym. I wanted him to have sex her, but how to set it up? I deliberately started to talk to her boss about sex, marriage, and related topics during gym time. I slightly began to mention my wife in our conversations and noticed he is attracted to her. He didn't mention her directly, but when describing his ideal woman it seemed he was talking about my wife. Long, dark, reddish hair, pale, white, freckled skin, hazelnut eyes, moderate breasts (my wife is a 34B), rather tall (she is 5' 8"), a little bit chubby (she weights a hundred forty-five pounds), and sophisticated. My wife is a bilingual architect who dresses up every day for work. She wears skirts rather than pants, and I don't want to tell you about her underwear yet. So, among others, I invited my wife's boss to a dinner party at home. I made my wife drink one half of a bottle of wine before people arrived. Her boss noticed when she kissed him hello. When everybody was having their second or third cocktail, I took her by her arm and whispering in her ear that I was going to have sex with her in the laundry room. After all that wine, she didn't even think it over and started walking to the laundry. I gave her oral until I suddenly stopped. I told her I needed another drink. She told me to bring a cup of wine for her. I went upstairs for her boss and told him I wanted him to select a bottle of wine from my cellar. Once in the basement, I asked him to wait for me there since I needed a special corkscrew I had in the kitchen. When I was going up the stairs, my wife said, "Hurry up, give me my wine, and come to finish." Her boss opened the laundry door and found her bending over ready for sex. Without saying a word, he put his pants down and started to have sex with her. She didn't notice he wasn't me and, as usual, she begged for it to be faster, which he did. She was so excited. I think she had the best time of her life.

— Lawrence, 41