Amazingly Sexy

My stepsister is so hot. I can still remember the first night I did her. I had gotten home when she had gotten out of the shower and had not put on a towel yet. She was amazingly sexy at the moment, and I couldn't help myself looking at her. When she left, I went to the bathroom super horny and started to pleasure myself. She came in and asked if she could help. I was embarrassed, but complied. She told me she always wanted to have sex with me. Then, we had oral sex. It was mind-blowing. She said that our parents were not coming home until later, so she led me to her bed. I took her clothes off, and we then had tons of sex with no break. I heard our parents come in, so we cleaned up quickly. We still have sex to this day, even though I have a wife.

— Oliver, 43