Panty Whipped

I am a married professional who wears women's underpants. My wife is aware of this behavior and even encourages my fetish. She likes the way they look and loves the control she has over me with this secret. Our relationship is totally hot. She basically has her way with me since she discovered this yearning about a year ago. For instance, this morning she said, "Put on those white panties and go get us a new dishwasher. I do not want to know anything about it, just have it installed by the time I get home from work. If not, Missy and Rita are coming over and...." You get the idea. The funny thing is, I adore her more than ever, almost to the point of worship. I used to go out, never see her much, and do what I wanted. Now, I get dinner, rub her feet when she gets home from work, and make sure she is sexually satisfied always. I am panty whipped. Oh, and by the way, tonight we have a new dishwasher.

— Cliff, 44