Love To Cross-Dress Part II

As I stated in my first confession, "Love to Cross-Dress", I started in the Fifties wearing my mom's bras because I had excess breast fat. She didn't wear sexy bras, so I got my own. When I went to high school, I had a Playtex strapless, and a sexy pink and black bra and panty set that I loved to wear. I had a great girlfriend, who was in college, and I loved to fondle her breasts. Maybe that's where I got my breast fetish. I went into the military in the Sixties and was stationed in Asia. I did what any ornery GI would do; I paid the bargirls for sex. I got married, to an Asian. I would put on her bras and panties whenever I could. We're now divorced because she caught me. We had two great children. I live alone so I can do what I want. I order all my sexy things online from all the lingerie shops. Sometimes I buy them locally by using the self-check-out line. Tonight I'm in a sexy white bra and panties with black thigh-high nylons, and I'm loving it! I am really turned on writing this in my sexy underwear!

— Luke, 64