The Wife's Pics

My wife would get really uptight if I tried to take a picture of her nude, but she finally agreed when I said it was for me only, no one else. A couple of weeks later, my best mate sent me a picture of a girl off the internet (very nice she was, too). I sent a text back saying I got better than that. He said, "Okay, let me see." So, off I sent a couple without her face on it, and I told him not to show any around. He asked why not, and I explained because they are the wife. A few weeks later, he was helping me out on my computer and the wife said, "I hope you're not on the porn sites." My mate, Hank, said, "Yes, we are, but they don't look as nice as yours." She said, "Oh, he's shown you then?" I thought that she was going to blow a fuse, but she casually lifted her top over her head to show the lacey black bra she had on. I winked at her behind Hank and said. "Well, there's no point stopping there. You might as well take your bra off as well," which she did. We both smiled and she walked over to us. After that, Hank has been a welcome visitor on many occasion where more has happened, but that's another story.

— Jeremy, 37