Pantyhose Love

I want to confess that I love pantyhose. I know a lot of people say they love pantyhose. But I have passionate feelings of love for my pantyhose. I like to wear them under my shorts to malls as a tribute to my unconditional love. I don't understand why. I just know I have fallen in deep love with my precious pantyhose. When I last bought some pantyhose, I told the salesgirl that I didn't know they could give me feelings on the inside. She said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I haven't ever felt so much love like I have for these pantyhose." She just smiled. I said, "I could get on my knees and kiss the pantyhose." I pulled a pair out of the package I had paid for and lowered myself to my knees and tenderly kissed my pantyhose. I want everyone to know I have dedicated my life to pantyhose because pantyhose are the love of my life.

— Raul, 49