Awesome Nights

Some of you might not think this is a wild love confession, but you won't know unless you've done it! When I was 18, I met this preacher's daughter who I could tell had an absolutely unbelievable body, but she always kept it hidden under very modest clothes. I knew she had something special, though, and I was in love in an instant. We were going out for a while, and one night I joked with her that it was past her bedtime but that when she got older she could stay up with me until 11. She gave me this look and said, "Only 11? How about all night?" Wow, that drove me crazy! When she was 18, I proposed to her and we got married, and we have had the most awesome nights that I could have ever dreamt of over and over again! It's worth the wait (we were both virgins)!

— Brad, 27