What Women Want on a First Date

What's the difference between a first date that thrills and one that tanks? Meeting - and exceeding - her expectations. Just what are they? Read on for what she really wants from you on your first romantic rendezvous. (Hint: It's not a bouquet and a box of chocolates.)

The Center of Your Attention

That means no checking out the cute waitress or scanning the television behind the bar for the scoreboard. She wants you to at least pretend you're listening. So, nod your head and smile a lot...unless she's talking about the death of a family member or her history of drug problems.

Good Conversation

She doesn't want to hear you yammer on the entire night with the full details of your family history or resume. But she doesn't want to be forced to fill awkward silences while you stare off into space either. Ask your own questions, answer hers and keep up a good balance of chatting.


It's way too early to be touchy-feely. You can convey your interest in subtle - and not slimy - ways by keeping your elbow grazing, knee touching and hand-holding strictly G-rated. Look to her lead on the amount of personal space she needs and respect it.

A Plan

If you asked her out, she expects you to pick her up and have a place to go. Not show up with a shrug and say, "So what are we doing?" She'd prefer it if you showed a little more originality than a typical dinner and a movie and picked an activity with little pressure but plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better.

Something to Remember

Buy her a print of her favorite painting at the museum you visited, or a souvenir pint glass at the brewery your toured. You don't have to show up with an armful of roses, but a little token of your time together will keep you on her mind long enough for her to want to say "yes" when you ask her out again.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You're so sweet, you give me a toothache.
  • Wow, a rose on a stick! And I'm just a thorn . . . Do you realize we're beautiful together?
  • My shoes are having a party later. Why don't your pants come on down?
  • Baby, you make me melt like an M & M in your mouth.
  • Is it hot in here, or is it just you?