The Five Occasions That Turn Her On

Are your woman's hot-and-cold ways leaving you longing for a way to figure out when she's in the mood and when she's just moody? Read on for five occasions (practically) guaranteed to find you gettin' some.

Sex Inspiring Incident #1: You've had a serious fight.
Fighting and sex are already so similar -- the pounding heart, rushing blood, heated emotions -- is it any wonder that one should lead to the other? When you reach that point in the argument where you've said everything you want to say (or there's nothing left breakable to throw at each other), there's no finer ending than for you to kiss her passionately and redirect all that fiery passion.

Sex Inspiring Incident #2: It's a special occasion.
Just like anger can fuel red-hot make-up sex, any overdose of emotion -- joy or even grief -- can inspire intimacy. Next time you're celebrating -- be it a promotion, an anniversary, or, hell, even a good sitcom season finale -- channel that joy into hot sex.

Sex Inspiring Incident #3: She's a little jealous.
The key word here is "little." Example: Let's say you're at a party where she bears witness to some other chick hitting on you. When she takes you home, it's likely that she's going to want to refresh your memory as to just why you prefer her company. (Does this mean you should actively try to make her jealous? Only if you want to get her mad and reduce your chances of having sex with her at all, under any circumstance.)

Sex Inspiring Incident #4: It's Day 14
Watch the calendar, buddy. Ever notice that she's always up for action midway through her cycle? Next time she's ovulating, say a quick word of thanks to Mother Nature as your ravenous girl drags you off to the bedroom. Again.

Sex Inspiring Incident #5: She's stressed out.
Next time you hear that, "I've got a headache" line, you might want to mention that a good romp in the sack can be the cure. When she's super-stressed, she may think she's not in the mood, but really she just needs a good way to release all that tension. And you're just the guy to do just it.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You're so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear!
  • I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down; go ahead say no." );
  • You're so fine, you make me want to go out and get a job.
  • You must be hot because I am burning up.
  • You didn't look this good three beers ago!