The Hunger for the Younger Girlfriend

Although dating cougars seems to be popular with guys these days, your dream girl might be 10 or even 20 years younger than you are. Flaunting your hot, young babe in front of your friends sounds great, but what about some of the not-so pleasant realities of this kind of relationship?

The Challenge: Her favorite musician could be one you've never seen or heard of.
Your Move: Keep an open mind and ask her to tell you what makes this band special to her. Is it the kind of music, the message or the singer's voice? The same goes for movies or TV shows - what does she like so much about it? Even if the music doesn't really hit the right note with you, you might find common ground by discussing what you each like about your favorite bands. And try to find some music that you both like so you're not constantly competing over what you play in the car.

The Challenge: Her family and friends may not approve of your relationship.
Your Move: You'll score points by showing all the special people in her life that you think she's special too. Listen to her family's funny stories about her childhood, and share similar stories about yours. When you emphasize shared connections, they'll be more likely to bond with you too.

The Challenge: Your clothing styles might come from different decades.
Your Move: Aim for compromise. If she dresses like a teenager and you dress like her father, you each might be a bit embarrassed when you get together with friends from your own age group. Ask her to choose some of your clothes she likes best before you meet her friends at the bar. You might even want to ask her to go shopping and help you pick out some shirts and jeans that will update your closet. Likewise, suggest a dress that you "really like on her" when you're getting ready to meet your friends for dinner. Stick to compliments, not criticism.

The Challenge: Your energy levels might be a bit of a mismatch.
Your Move: If she's constantly on the go and you find yourself exhausted by the late-night bar hopping, build in some break time. Make sure she gets a girl's night out to dance and stay out late with her friends. Meanwhile, you get male bonding time with your buddies--sitting on the sofa watching sports too much is something guys of any age do that annoys their girlfriends.

Whether your age difference causes awkward moments between the two of you or among your friends and family, if you focus on your shared attraction you can overcome all the little, less important things.

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