The 5 Times She Fakes It

Is she or isn't she?

That's not the question, most women will say. Because she is. Or at least, has. We're talking about faking it. And no matter what she tells you to your face, every woman you've shared a bed with has probably done it at least once.

Want to know why she'd do such a thing? Read on for the five major reasons women stage a show during sex. (Hint: It has more to do with you than with her.)

Faking It Factor #1: Ignorance Is Bliss

Believe it or not, there are plenty of women out there who've never experienced the Big O. Since this inexperienced vixen's gotten most of her climax cues from the big screen, she'll wind up putting on an Oscar-worthy performance at the first sign of a twitch or tingle going on below the belt.

Faking It Factor #2: Let's Get This Over With

We love you, but sometimes we just want it to be over already. Maybe we're tired. Maybe we're getting sore. But, we know your sensitive egos can't take our saying enough is enough. We figure that if we look like we've reached our passion peak, maybe you will too, and we can finally get some sleep.

Faking It Factor #3: We Aim to Please

There are a lot of factors that come into play for us to get off. Sometimes it just ain't happening. The stars may not have aligned for us this time, but we'll fake it to make you happy. Next time, don't put so much pressure on our pleasure.

Faking It Factor #4: A Dirty Habit

She may have faked it through that awkward first time together (don't feel bad; most first times are awkward). Trouble is, now she feels like she has to have that same, shout-out-loud reaction each and every time.

Faking It Factor #5: Man Handling

We're not stupid. We know not pleasing us makes you question your talents in the sack. So, if it's not happening for us, we'd rather fake it and keep your masculinity intact than face giving you a post-coital pep talk to bolster your sexual self-esteem.

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