Too Shy? Three Taboos Even the Timid Can Try

So you're interested in spicing up your sex life, but when you read advice suggesting some of the naughty ways to enhance your nookie, you blush and think, "I can't do that."

Sound familiar? Here's everything you need to know about some taboos that anyone - yep, even you - can, and should, try.

Taboo to Try: Sexy Talk

"What if I sound stupid," you're thinking, "or what if I can't think of something to say?" Relax. Sexy talk doesn't have to be such a big departure from your personality. Start small, by perhaps expressing your desire for him or her, or by evoking the memories of an especially passionate romp you've shared before. Then use your knowledge of your partner's particular turn-ons, describing how you feel, how he or she looks, what you plan on doing to each other. And get your partner to confess his or her most carnal desires, too, by asking questions.

Taboo to Try: Indecent Images

Forget about the stereotype of porn only being for the dirty-minded and desperately lonely. Pornography - whether pictures, a film, or erotica - can be incredibly arousing for both men and women. And think of the possibilities for new scenarios to play out, new positions to try, or new phrases to whisper into your lover's ear. Still nervous? Start off with an erotic (but not explicit) novel or a sexy (but not obscene) movie. As your comfort level increases and you get a feeling for what you like and what you don't like, test drive some kinkier fare.

Taboo to Try: Adult Toys

Worried your lover will think you're unsatisfied? Afraid to even set foot in the store? Put your reservations aside, folks, we're going shopping. Toys improve sexual response, performance, and pleasure. According to a recent study by Chicago's Berman Center, almost 50 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 55 have used a vibrator. And those who did, report more interest in sex, heightened arousal, an easier time reaching climax, and great sexual satisfaction overall. If you're still unconvinced, baby-step your way into experimenting...try some chocolate body paint, flavored oils, or sexy lingerie. You can always work your way up to buying those fuzzy leopard-print handcuffs or a passion power tool.

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