Surprising Dating Downers

Relationships are made or broken by how each partner treats the other person, right? Well, sure. But there are other factors that can block relationship bliss as well.

Pay attention to these potential downers when looking for the right partner or hoping to be Mr. Right.

Bliss Blocker #1: Job Stress
If your partner has a job she hates, you're going to hear about it all the time. She's going to come home tense and upset or frustrated and angry. Sure you can be the sensitive guy and give her a martini and a massage, but who's going to tease out your tension?

Bliss Blocker #2: Online Addiction
OK, everyone knows guys are the worst culprits when it comes to online addictions--we're talking video games and porn. But girls can feed on shopping and Facebook fetishes as well. When all your attention is going toward that little lighted screen, the big picture can get lost.

Bliss Blocker #3: Family Fixation
If your family is constantly involved in your relationship--your mother stops by unexpectedly or her sister hangs with you every Friday night--you're playing the blood is thicker than water game. You're bound to bond with your blood relatives when they're around. So that frequent family visitor might be keeping you from building stronger ties that bind with your sweetheart.

Bliss Blocker #4: Food Feuds
If you two are constantly debating what to have for dinner because you don't like the same types of food, you're flavoring your relationship with conflict. Alternate who gets to plan the menu, and keep trying new things even if you think you won't like them. Make a vow to pick two ingredients each and look for unusual recipes that combine your tastes. Battling is bad; blending is good.

Bliss Blocker #5: Vert Alert
If one of you is an introvert and the other is an extrovert, that can work in your favor in crowds. However, you need to seek balance. When your introverted sweetie short-circuits your social life by refusing to go out for date night, you're likely to suffer. Mix it up with some nights on the town and some sofa snuggling evenings for maximum satisfaction.

All aspects of a relationship require some give and take. So if you both strive for consideration and balance in terms of cooking, looking, choosing and schmoozing, you'll build a more balanced partnership.

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