4 Signs She's Just Not Interested

You can have the most enviable pick-up technique among your guy pals, but unless you can tell she's amenable to your advances, you're wasting your time trotting out those sparkling witticisms and clever come-ons.

If you're picking up on any of these subtle clues, it's time to find a more receptive audience.

Cease & Desist Sign #1: She's full of excuses.

She can't believe how crazy-busy her life is right now. Work is a nightmare and her friends are super demanding. She may be busy, sure, but the fine print is that she's too busy - for you. Want her phone number? Oh, she doesn't have her new cell plan set up or her roommate never gives her messages. You might not even have to ask her why she can't make time for a man. The "excuses, excuses" ploy is often her first line of defense against guys she's just not into.

Cease & Desist Sign #2: She talks about other guys.

It may be an obvious reference - like how she's recovering from an ex who's done her wrong - or she might casually mention a few of her guy pals (i.e. the category she's planning on tossing you into). She might also mention what her type is - only you're not it. She'll mention how she could never date a guy who's into jazz, or has cats, or isn't at least six feet tall. Whatever she says, it'll apply to you.

Cease & Desist Sign #3: She's got plans.

If there's little chance she's interested in intimate chitchat, she'll let you know early on that she's meeting someone (and they'll be there any minute now, she'll insist as she looks around the room desperately) or that - despite the fact that she just ordered another apple martini - she was just about to leave.

Cease & Desist Sign #4: She's visibly uncomfortable.

She's fidgety, glancing over your shoulder, and giving you one-word answers to all your most interesting questions. Listen to her body talk. Her body language - legs and arms crossed away from you, tapping her fingers or feet impatiently - will say if she's uncomfortable where she is - i.e. near you.

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