Shady Situations: Keep It Friendly

You've got a girl, but you're still allowed to be friends with other females, right? If you want to keep your girlfriend, and your reputation as a decent guy, consider what's OK and not OK in terms of mingling and tingling with female friends.

OK: Talking on the phone or texting occasionally (once or twice a week) with your female friend because you genuinely enjoy her friendship.
Not OK: Texting all day long, and behind your girlfriend's back, because you can't resist the potential benefits of your friend.

OK: Inviting your female friend to a group dinner with a mixture of other female and male friends.
Not OK: A quiet dinner alone at your place together.

OK: Giving your female friend a platonic hug and kiss on the cheek hello or goodbye.
Not OK: Hugging your female friend until her boobs are crushed against your chest and running your hand suggestively down her lower back.

OK: Complimenting your female friend on her Facebook wall just as you would with one of your buddies.
Not OK: Flirting with each other using online chat because there's no public trail for your girlfriend to see.

OK: Inviting your female friend to hang out with you and your buddies because she's like one of the guys.
Not OK: Sleeping over in the same bed with your female friend, while your girlfriend is out of town.

OK: Dancing with your female friend at your buddy's wedding, with your girlfriend's encouragement.
Not OK: Inviting your female friend to take a walk outside with you, putting your arm around her and letting your hand slide to off-limits zones.

After reading all these examples, you should know the difference between keeping it friendly and eyeing the benefits. Let's be real; you should know the difference even before reading these examples! The bottom line is this: If you're just mingling, you wouldn't feel embarrassed if your girlfriend showed up unexpectedly and spotted you and your female buddy interacting. If you're tingling, you're viewing her as more than "just friends." Don't go there unless you want to be relegated to the "just friends" category by your current girlfriend. Then all bets are off!

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