Sexual Shortcuts: 4 Ways to Turn Her On Faster

There's no getting around it, guys: Women need foreplay. But there are faster ways to get her where you want her to go than fussing with candles, strewing rose petals over the bed and greasing her down with expensive massage oil.

Yes, you're reading this correctly: You can rush foreplay. You just need to do a good job at it.

Sexy Shortcut #1: The Perfect Pucker

Intense, lingering kisses - yeah, the kind you used to do all the time back in the early days and are totally slacking off on now - remain her ultimate aphrodisiac. Here's the time-saving secret: If you invest a good five minutes or so on really kissing her (we're talking face-cradling, hair-stroking, slow and sensuous making out here), you'll create the illusion of a long, languorous seduction, not the rush-job you're really planning.

Sexy Shortcut #2: The Right Touch

To heat her up faster than leftovers in a microwave, focus your attention around her sensitive spots, not on them. When you jump right into the serious stroking, she feels rushed. So by teasing her just a bit, you'll again create the illusion of not hastening the process. Plus all that delicious anticipation you're creating means that when you do reach her hot spots, the action will be even more powerful for her.

Sexy Shortcut #3: Mind Games

Don't overlook her biggest erogenous zone - her mind. Stimulating her mind (and your own) with sexy thoughts and fantasies is the ultimate turn-on. So start whispering in her ear. It matters very little what you actually say; almost anything is sexy if it's wet enough...

Sexy Shortcut #4: Oral Attention

No woman could possibly resist a little more of your time and attentiveness here. The trick is to invest enough energy and enthusiasm that she doesn't suspect it's just the final roadblock between you and getting laid. So, even when you feel like you've been down in the trenches for the last half hour (when in reality, it's been 1/16th of that time), stick it out a few more minutes - long enough for her to have to beg you to have sex with her already.

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  • Girls, have you met me yet?
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