Your Sex Dreams Decoded

What if we told you the key to figuring out love and life happens in your sleep?

"In your dreams!," you might say. And you'd be right. Because in your dreams, a steamy tryst can be more than just a way to blow off sexual steam, but the means to learn more about you and your relationships when you're awake.

What do your sexy dreams say about your life?

Celebrity Sex

No, unfortunately, a dream about sex with a celeb does not mean that you and your dream star are meant to be. Dream analysts say that it's not the celebrity you desire, but a quality they represent - intelligence, sophistication, or glamour - that you'd like to develop. Or maybe you just really want to hop into bed with George Clooney.

The Inappropriate Lover

Fear not. You're not harboring any secret desires to bed your annoying boss, creepy co-worker, or your parents (ick!). This dream represents your relationship with this person. If you enjoyed yourself, it may be your mind's way of telling you that it's okay to try to develop a better relationship with this person. If you didn't, maybe you want to keep your distance. No need to feel guilty, either, if you dreamt of seducing an ex. Often, this just means you see similarities between an old relationship and a new one or that you sense it's time to finally put that old flame to rest.

Public Nudity

In this classic sex dream, you're naked in school, on a bus, or somewhere else you shouldn't be. Again, dream analysts say you should think about how you felt in the situation and what it might represent. If you felt great about being buck naked, it might mean that you can open up to a situation that you've been afraid of. If the situation made you mortified, it means that you're probably feeling vulnerable.

You're Forced Into Sex

This can be a disturbing dream, especially if your dream partner is someone you trust in real life, but analysts say it doesn't mean you should avoid someone. This dream usually just reveals a sense of powerlessness and loss of control in your waking life.

Sometimes, though, sex dreams are just about sex. And, in case you were wondering, most experts say women orgasm in dreams about as often as men. It doesn't change the significance of the dream, just tells us that maybe we needed a release.

How's that for realizing your dreams?

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