Surviving the Serial Dater

We know the stereotype - guys are afraid of commitment. They're usually the ones who get the rep as serial daters. But it happens with women too. They string you along and then let you drop. Then you're left wondering what happened.

Putting It in Overdrive
If the relationship heats up fast, real fast, then she might be a serial dater. She seemingly is head over heels in love with you from the start and can't tame her emotions. She wants the comfort of your arms and the excitement of your kisses. When the excitement wears off, as it will soon, she feels trapped by your expectations rather than embraced. Then her strong affection for you evaporates as quickly as it built up.

You Complete Me
Often, serial daters are looking for someone to make them feel whole. They want a partner to adore them so that they can feel good about themselves. This girl acts like you're irresistible and she's never felt this way about anyone so quickly. But when that warm, fuzzy feeling dissipates and she has to work at having a relationship, she's bored.

Letting You Go
She'll end the relationship with the fade or the quick drop. With the fade, the calls get less frequent and the interest fizzles. Then eventually she just stops calling you back. No reason given. Or she'll employ the quick drop - telling you out of the blue that she's not ready for a relationship right now. See ya! Odds are she'll be hanging out with a different guy within a few weeks.

Coming Back Around
The funny thing about the serial dater is that she might come back around. After moving onto some other quick-fix relationships, she'll get bored and remember what was good about dating you. She'll remember how funny and cute you were. Then she'll contact you and tell you how much she misses hanging out with you. Beware! If you let her in again, she'll give you even less attention and get bored even faster. This time, you'll hear the door slam before you even see her leaving.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Are you an angel, or are you just here for sex?
  • Let's get drunk and freaky!
  • They might ask you to leave soon. You're making the other ladies in here look bad.
  • I'm not drunk. You intoxicate me.
  • Would you be impressed if I stuck my tongue out and licked my eyebrows?