5 Things She'd Rather Not Know About You

Yeah, yeah, women do harp on the value of honesty and truth in a relationship, but there are some things even she wishes you'd keep to yourself. It's not lying, precisely; it's just making life, and love, a little easier. So while she does want you to speak up on the big issues, she'd really rather not know...

The Dirty Details of Your Sexual History

You may well be tempted to share - how could you not brag just a little about the Night of Seven Times, that initiation into the Mile High Club, that almost-a-threesome. But no matter how impressed you are by your lusty past, trust us, she won't be. Unless it's a really big issue, or will affect him or her (like your health status), keep your mouth shut.

Where You Hide the Porn

She knows you have it. But not knowing where lets her pretend you stopped needing it when she arrived on the scene. So stash it well - not in the obvious hiding places or anywhere she might happen across it if she's tidying up your pad. Because when she gets wind of where it is, she's one step closer to tossing it out altogether.

You Still Have Mementos From Your Ex

Imagine for a moment your girlfriend comes across a few pictures of a naked woman while cleaning that pigsty you call home. Okay, now imagine that said picture of naked woman isn't just any naked woman, but one that you dated. Yeah, you're in trouble now. Start looking forward to her worrying that she doesn't measure up, that you're still in love with your ex, that your entire relationship is endangered. Look, it's not like she doesn't keep her old beau's love letters. She just hides them better than you do.

About Your Weird Fantasies

Some fantasies are great for sharing and enjoying together. But some kink is better kept secret. A good rule of thumb: If you think she'll freak out about your particular predilection, she probably will.

About Your Solo Sex Life

She knows it happens (it's not like she's not doing it herself, too). But she doesn't need the details on duration, frequency and the means by which you achieve your solo satisfaction. Indulge her in her denial that you gave that up - like your porn collection - once you had her to satisfy your every sexual desire.

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