4 Signs You Won't Be More Than 'Just Friends'

Research suggests that within just 10 minutes of meeting, people decide what kind of relationship they want with a new acquaintance. Those snap judgments influence whether you'll be seen as relationship material...or something much more platonic.

If you're picking up on any of these clues, you've been branded with a big, fat "F".

Platonic Proof #1: There's No Nervousness

What's the difference between a date and just hanging out with a pal? Tension. When you're interested in someone, there's a certain amount of suspense while you're trying to figure out if your attraction is reciprocated and what will happen next. If your friend is always perfectly at ease - with no sign of that good kind of nervous tension - it's not necessarily a good thing.

Platonic Proof #2: Sudden Public Shyness

When someone isn't interested in you, he or she certainly isn't going to want people to mistakenly think that you're a couple. If your nights out together typically avoid couple-heavy places - dinners, movies, etc. - it's a good indication your friend doesn't want anyone getting the idea that there's something going on.

Platonic Proof #3: Three's a Crowd

It can't be a real date if there are more than just two of you. If your date invites a friend, he or she is either looking for help sizing you up or taking the pressure off having to talk to you. Neither scenario is a good sign for a possible romance.

Platonic Proof #4: There's Swooning...But Over Someone Else

Yes, it's obvious. And yet, the lonely mind shows a high capacity for denial. So we point out that if your pal gushes over an ex or that recent date or even just the hotties across the bar, it means you've been passed by.

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