Not a Hottie? Simple Ways to Turn Her On

We hate to confirm your worst fears, but it's true--every woman would like to date a man who looks like Johnny Depp. But women are realistic and will settle for less if a man has (as cheesy as it may sound) inner beauty. Got a good heart? You're half way there. You just need to do a few other things to make her yours. Just print out this cheat sheet, and check off each box once you master the step:

  • Exude a positive attitude. Life is depressing enough. The last thing a woman needs is someone else to bum her out.

  • Be confident. Studies have shown women prefer men with self-confidence over men with money or a hot body.

  • Make her laugh. Robin Williams isn't so cute. Women like him because he's funny.

  • Laugh at her jokes. Women want to feel like they're funny too.
  • Ask questions about her life. So many guys brag about themselves. To women, that's boring. Show you're a nice guy by asking her job, family and friends. Contrary to popular belief, nice guys don't finish last.

  • Dress to suit your body. Maybe you're overweight. Maybe you're on the short side. Or maybe you've just got a little beer gut you haven't worked off yet. It's ok. No one's perfect. But you can mask some of your physical imperfections by dressing properly. Ask a tailor or reputable sales clerk what kind of clothing suits your frame.

  • Dress stylishly. Women love shopping and they love men who take the time to do the same. Wear what you're comfortable in, but make sure it's cool and fashionable.

  • Smell good. Note: Don't use cologne. It will remind her of her dad and bad men in bad bars. Just use lots of soap and deodorant.

  • Be generous, but not too generous. The last type of woman you want to attract is a gold digger who will send your credit card debt sky high. So while it's ok to buy her a drink or dinner here or there, don't pull out your wallet whenever she sees a shirt she likes. Be generous with your heart, not your checking account.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Hey! I'm not being picky. Why are you?
  • My friend wants to know if you think I'm cute.
  • I hate to see you leave, but from here it's great to watch you go.
  • You're so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear!
  • I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down; go ahead say no." );