Preserving Your Rep: Metrosexual but Still Masculine

Some guys understand the importance of looking attractive. Women want to be near you when you're well-groomed, you smell good, and you dress with style. But when are guys' efforts to look good considered over the top?

Dip into the Mousse and Gel
Giving some attention to your looks shows women you care what they think. Putting a bit of mousse or gel in your hair so that you can maintain some style throughout the evening usually pays off. On the other hand, giving so much attention to your hair that you get upset when she touches it is definitely over the top. That shows you care more about how you look than how you look to her. She wants a pretty attractive man, not a pretty-boy.

Sample the Manicure
Similarly, getting the occasional manicure makes good sense. Guys with grimy fingernails and rough, calloused hands are not so cool to hang out with. However, guys who sport shiny, clear nail polish and super-soft hands are a bit suspect. You don't women guessing you make a living styling hair or giving interior decorating tips. Think clean but tough if you want to lure the ladies.

Consider Manscaping
OK, these days, manscaping is a judgment call. Trimming up your eyebrows to avoid the Neanderthal look is smart. Likewise, keeping the boys clean and neat is attractive to women. However, shaving and waxing all body hair might make you seem a little too focused on your hot bod - unless you're a competitive swimmer or body builder. Even then....

Dress to Impress
Before women get close enough to notice all these other aspects of your appearance, they have to be drawn in by your overall look. It's true that clothes are an important factor in creating a magnetic image. Too little effort says you don't care what she thinks. Clearly, you don't want to look like you just cleaned out someone's septic tank. Again, go for clean and neat. At least strive for matching the shirt and the pants. But don't go too far... You don't want to look like you're ready to sing show tunes at a club packed with guys. Hello! You're trying to impress women here.

If you want to appear cultured but not clueless, pay attention. Pay attention to how you look. But also pay attention to women's reactions to your appearance. Remember: You want to inspire sexy smiles, not snickers of surprise.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • What planet are you from? 'Cause I've never seen anyone like you before!
  • Would you be impressed if I stuck my tongue out and licked my eyebrows?
  • I will gladly marry you next Tuesday if we can have the honeymoon tonight.
  • I noticed you noticing me, and I'd like to notify you that I noticed you, too.
  • I'm not a music teacher, but I can make you sing like a choir.