Why Does She Keep You Waiting?

As a guy, you have to wait on women sometimes...okay, often. Why does she always seem to keep you waiting?

In the beginning, you wait for her to be ready for that first kiss. You don't want to get tripped at the starting gate, do you? So you try to read her signals and make sure she's ready. You don't want to move in for the smooch too soon, but you also don't want her to lose interest if you're not showing enough initiative.

Glamour Time
Then you progress to the regular date-night routine. And she keeps you cooling your jets in front of the TV while she finishes up her hair and makeup. You tell her you don't care about all that and that she looks great just as she is. But she's not satisfied until she's got the total put-together look going on.

Even though that's frustrating, keep in mind that it shows that you matter. It shows that she wants to look her best for you and cares what you think of her. Ideally, she also cares enough not to keep you on hold for too long. Extended time for toe-tapping can make you think she's not worth it, and she should recognize that your time is just as important as hers.

Bedroom Time
Then when the relationship progresses, you're waiting for the right moment to get more intimate. That's a really nerve-wracking wait! You want to make your move, but you also want to make sure you're both in the same groove. It could be really awkward if you make the play and she calls an incomplete, right?

Just keep in mind that she'll send you signals when she's ready, but you have to send signals of your own that you're interested in closer contact. You also need to wait--again, that dirty word!--for an evening that will allow you both to take it slow and make it special. A stop-and-go night won't set the stage for fabulous future trysts.

Alone Time
Then you'll just be waiting all alone, spending time hoping you'll find a new girl who's willing to make you start the waiting game all over again. So don't...wait for it...rush things. Don't begrudge the time spent lingering with your lady. Waiting on your woman can be sooo worth it!

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