What Happens When Introverts and Extroverts Pair Up?

We all want someone we can get along with. Yeah, passion is important. Yeah, love is great. But in the end, day in and day out interactions are what make a relationship work or not work for us. One factor in those interactions is whether you - and your girl - are an introvert or an extrovert.

Your Social Life
If one of you is an introvert and one's an extrovert, or vice versa, you might have trouble agreeing on how often to have people over. And going to social gatherings might make one of you happy and be a chore for the other. The key to working it all out is understanding and communication. If you're the introvert, make a plan for how you'll handle a party when you want to go home and she's dying to stay. Perhaps you'll gracefully exit without her. Maybe you'll make an excuse and take a walk alone to recharge. Try to find a compromise or a way you'll each be happy separately.

Your Together Time
When just the two of you are hanging out, ideally you'll be relaxed and feeling that positive electrical current between you. But that can only last for so long if one of you gets your energy from people and one of you gets your energy from being alone. Too much talk, or too little, can make you cranky. If you're the extrovert, go outside or make plans with friends and give her some time by herself. Then she'll be more ready to open up when you're together.

Your Time Apart
When an introvert pairs up with an extrovert, you'll need to expect regular time apart. Maybe you'll create a man cave where you and your friends can hang, play Xbox and drink beer without forcing her to be involved. Or maybe you'll build a window seat for her to go off to her corner and read. The key is to respect each other's needs for social or quiet time, and not view the desire to be apart as a threat to the relationship.

With an intro-extro relationship, it's all about balance. You need to find a way to both nurture peace and charge up the energy with your sweetheart. Respect her different needs and she'll be more likely to help meet yours.

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