Hangover Medical Kit: What You Should Keep in Yours

Drink responsibly. Put aside a small box of emergency provisions that will help get you through the ugly morning after. You won't have to leave the house all day, which may be just what the doctor ordered.

10 essential supplies:

A bottle of water. It looks like vodka, but it isn't. Guzzle as much as you can. Your poor liver will thank you.

Assortment of takeout menus. You won't be doing much cooking, but you'll still want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cash. If you open your wallet and find it empty, you won't have to hunt down an ATM. You'll need the cash to pay that takeout bill or to offer cab fare to the-oops-stranger you found in your bed.

Condom. Well, you never know, maybe the stranger in your bed is cute. You'll have to be ready for anything.

Antacid. That burning feeling in your chest can only mean one thing: the tequila was cheap. You'll do better next time, at least that's what you should tell yourself.

Extra batteries for the TV remote. There are few things worse than settling in for a day of mindless channel surfing only to find that the batteries in your remote are dead. Keep a spare set on hand or face the consequences: being forced to watch QVC because you're too lazy to get up and change the channel.

Packet of instant coffee. So it's not Columbian roast, but if you're out of coffee or don't own a coffeemaker, at least you'll get that crucial caffeine fix necessary to keeping both eyes open.

Aspirin -- lots of it. The more alcohol you drank the more tablets you'll need to swallow. In fact, you're probably looking at a one to one ratio.

Magazines. Since you're planning to stay in, you may as well read some literature. The day shouldn't completely go to waste.

Notes of apology. To be sent to anyone you may have offended the night before, including friends, family, and bartenders, while dancing on tables, spilling drinks, or dozing off in their laps.

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