Make Her Make the First Move

Feel like you're always the one making the first move when it comes to fanning the flames between you and your honey? You might not mind doing the sweet talkin', but we know every once in a while, you wish your girl would be all over you for a change. Here, we reveal the reasons she's holding out on you...and how to get her to heat things up.

'Cause she doesn't have to.

Think about it. She knows you're going to make a move. All she has to do is wait and decide to comply or not. If you've got the willpower, you need to wait her out. Tempt her with long, deep kisses and sensual massages, and then pull back and let her make the next move. Within the week, she'll be hauling you off to hit the sheets.

'Cause she doesn't like rejection any more than you do.

We know we give you a hard time about your fragile male egos, but when it comes to sex, ours can be just as sensitive. Your gal could be playing hard-to-get to avoid the personal rejection of you turning her down (like you would!). The antidote? Lots of encouragement when she does make a move.

'Cause she's got a 'headache.'

This is tricky. The first step is to figure out just why she's not in the mood. Is she just not as attracted to you anymore? Maybe you've stopped being that sweet and considerate guy she fell for. Is she stressed out? Maybe a massage and someone else making dinner for a change will perk her up.

'Cause she doesn't know you love it.

For the most part, we women aim to please. Maybe it's our nurturing nature, but we really do love to make you happy. Let us know you'd love us to take charge once in a while and we'll probably be eager to satisfy. Who knows, she may be the one wearing you out by the week's end.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Are you an angel, or are you just here for sex?
  • Do you have a map? I'm lost in your eyes.
  • They might ask you to leave soon. You're making the other ladies in here look bad.
  • I haven't taken my pills, but you work just like Viagra.
  • It's no big deal if you break my heart. I have three more at home in the freezer.