First Date Mistakes Men Make

No matter what she tells you, first impressions matter. So why is it that the same guy who seemed so cute and charming when we met commits such major faux pas on that first crucial date? Save yourself from a similar fate with these tips.

The Ill-Fitting Compliment
Fact: When women take a compliment the wrong way, they take it as an insult. For example, if you say "Wow, you look great today," she hears an unspoken "...normally you look like hell." To avoid this dating disaster, eliminate all references to a particular time and place to your compliments (to suggest she always looks great). Bonus: Add "exceptionally" to your flattery and be specific. So, instead of "You look great", your smooth sweet talk would be, "That dress on you is exceptionally stunning."

Getting Touchy
Yes, non-sexual touch is a good way to forge a connection. But, to avoid ringing the "dirty old man" warning bells in her head, avoid making a grab for her knee too early in the night. Let her touch you first, so you can get a good read on her interest level.

Don't bring up ex-girlfriends, platonic pals, even your mother. She wants to feel like the only person in the room, after all. There will be plenty of other dates to ruin your relationship with talk about how great your ex was or how close you are with your gal-pal roommate. Save that for date two.

Bragging Rights
We know you boys are eager to impress us, but she'd rather discover what a great catch you are than have you explain it to her. To pique her interest enough to want another date, it's better to retain a little mystery. Mention your recent visit to Nepal, but leave out boasting your climb up Everest.

Talk about Sex
Yeah, we know it's on your mind 24/7, but you want us to see you as different from all those other guys, don't you? Since you're letting her discover what a great catch you are, you have no need to drop hints that you're a real Don Juan. If you don't compromise her comfort level, she'll give you a chance to prove it to her later.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I've been here for almost an hour. Are you going to buy me a drink or what?
  • Drop the zero and get with a hero, baby.
  • You'll do.
  • It's no big deal if you break my heart. I have three more at home in the freezer.
  • Girl, if you were ice cream, I'd order two scoops.